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Sometimes I feel as if I need rest.
But it is just not to be.
Sometimes I feel like I am lost.
But I am not, here I am.
Sometimes I feel sad for no reason at all.
Sometimes happy.
At the most inappropriate times.
I have been called shy.
I am not.
I have been called eclectic.
I have been called a leader.
And almost in the same breath called a loner.
I have been told I look sexy.
And also told I look like the all American girl.
I have been called short.
I have been called tall.
No wonder I am confused.
And don't know myself at all.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Just a little poem. I do know myself. Quite well :-)
Oh by the way have I told you lately how much I love you? Well I do. I love you all. (kisses)

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Hi, Happygolucky4u,
How truly confusing it is when we allow others to define us. Nice write. Thank you for sharing. And, love right back to you!
Nice write hgl4u! wine I try to think of other's comments like vitamin C. Take what's good for you and let the rest pass through. grin
I enjoyed this poem. Very nice. Love you too. teddybear
Happygolucky4u: this poem speaks of emotions and days, views gargantuan and small, we welcome others into our life, though their view we may not recall.
ooh...I love you too...I think that most folks have been overwhelmed by confusion, I know that I have...
very nice! Of course you do, indeed, know yourself. And, it seems, find self-deprecating humor in shrugging off poor definitions and arbitrary perceptions.
Well I now know your humanbanana and i know you do to. lots of loveteddybear
Elegantly elegant and mature and very funny, made me smile..., thank you...
hug lips
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