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Heated Passion

Heated Passion in the night,
Two lovers meet in pale moonlight,
He calls for her, she calls for him,
Gentle breeze blows leaves on limb.

They find each other, start the dance,
Fill the air with pure romance,
Bodies pressed in tight embrace,
Now back to front, not face to face.

He holds her tight, he won't let go.
She knows it's right, she can't say no.
Rubbing legs and passion sounds,
Bodies writhing on the ground.

Slowly moving against one another,
One body merges with the other.
Feel the tension building strong,
The pace picks up, it won't be long.

Faster, harder, almost there,
Sounds much louder, pierce the air.
Bodies Shudder, and together quake,
There's a sudden stillness by the lake.

Embraced no more, and it's all over,
This loving passion in the clover.
She took the path, he took the thickets,
Such is the Romance of two crickets!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
I just was in the mood to write this one.

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Comments (13)

Chirp, chirp! grin Very nice MonaLisaSmile, and very clever. wine
OMG Amazing love dance of the crickets,well written....bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
You messed me all up.
Now I think I have a thing for crickets.laugh
Great write!!
rolling on the floor laughing oH THAT WAS WONDERFUL funny funny loved itpeace
Your amazing...This was wonderfull had us all fooled I'm sure...JGwave hug rose bowing
good grief! wouldn't I like to be a cricket too...
Oh..laugh MonaLisasmile!

That was fab..thumbs up
The written passion you hit on so well!
I dont think I could look at a cricket in the same way anymore!lol..

So Well Done..handshake angel
all i can do is add my own amazement to the others, now it's not just man 'n woman, or birds of a feather, it's crickets in thickets! how did Cole Porter put it "birds do it, bees do it
Even educated fleas do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love"
Hi, MonaLisaSmile4U,
It's amazing what goes on right in front of us! We merely need to take the time to listen and look. Thank you for sharing your creative Heated Passion write.
teddybearAwww. . . Thanks SO MUCH EVERYBODY . . . I had so much fun writting that for ALL of Y'all . . . I was hoping it would make You Laugh as much as it did me while I wrote it . . . and I can see that it did . . . I still giggle even when I read it over again . . . Thanks Again Y'all . . Y'all REALLY are so GREAT! teddybear angel
You have been out there spying with your binoculars. I do not believe that it is good for crickets, probably just a pair of exceptionally skinny humans with long legs!
wow couldn't resist sounds like crickets with rabbit blood .laugh excellent write need a cold shower now. thanks . grin thumbs up angel teddybear bouquet
Whew! Will never look at crickets the same! Excellent writing MonaLisaSmile!
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