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What if….The white horses that crash upon the sand,
Instead of being water, were roiling dust?
Rolling in an unstoppable gallop across the land,
Instead of being blessed, would they be cussed?
But, of course….They already do!
And, in the dust, beneath their hooves crush,
For the short term benefit of me and you,
Killing the rain forest in a headlong rush!
Beautiful white horses, more than slightly soiled,
Even now on the virgin land,
Since being born in the sea, heavily oiled,
Gallop too, on to soft white coral sand.
And, when all is black, brown and grey,
Some will look smiling to their bank account, others will weep,
Sadly, what more can I say?
How can we now, this once blue and green earth keep?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Just thinking

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Comments (6)

Sadly some of us weep, but the earth is very resilient, and a lot of people fight the good fight, we just dont hear too much about them, the earth will surviveteddybear Ajooly good read though, pulls one up shorthandshake
what redex's all been here all the time, just in another configuration.
Thankyou Redex and GG2H......Just that the BP thing was on the news yet again.......and was just thinking!....... There are many wonderful people out there doing a lot to help, I know!........Andrew.
You get on really well with horses. Yes, Gaia will be mended and then forever most lovingly tended.
i love the imagery of the horses, they are one of my favourite subjects to sketch and paint. it also reminded me of my most favourite ad...

thanks andrew for another delicious morsel..grin thumbs up
Great questions my friend! You poem stampedes it into awareness!
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