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I rise to your reckoning; mighty, high
not black enough you say,
Not even white.
These words discourage me, I fall
The yerning to be wanted,
by not so special people.
Illusions of hands. I reach, but can't touch,
The pain slaps my chest.
Reaching out for this hand,
to hold, to grab, to make known,
My pain.
I look to the sky, up high majestically,
waiting for something new.
No one can help; not him, or her, he or she, we, not us
Help can only be from me.

I. With my fists must fight, for your the heavens
and your kindom my bed; If i should fall.
Who else could, will, or possibly would.
I call out, it in the name I shout;
Scaring anyone who dares test me.
The champion of witts, pulling me in like the sea.
Telling me who she thinks I am,
You dont know me, even when you think you do.
You wont own me, only i can.
I'll tell you who i am to be.

Listen here Mr. Omniscient,
My autobiography isn't out there yet.
You can look, touch, taste and feel,
but what you think on me can never be real.
Lonely by day, loved by night,
my inner self I'll shed no light.
Stop trying to tap into my brain,
I've hid my secrets away.
Joyous when people come 'round;
Sininging, Laughter, and other happy sounds.
You can never know. What it is to be me.
I'm living and expectation to big to be free,
Caged and afraid of, You and your hand.
Never good enough for the "black" or "White" man.

Screaming and shaking, looking for an out
Battered and bruised, I cry in my pain.
Lonely love, Pretty patient,
Bound beauty, Caged carnation, Kind?
What kind should I be?
Not black or white, pink or blue
not silver or gold, i don't know do you?
I am me, Color unknown, stylish and perfect too.
This is MY life coming in at large.

I'm not black enough cause I wont act like you,
I'm not white enough cause my skins tinted through,
No longer must I fight, I'm done with this.
I've got a new philosophy in my head.
I'ts not that I'm not good enough,
to be good enough for you.
I'ts just that I've given up,
on being judgmental and Vindictive too
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
This is my strength poem, it gives me more meaning when people try to tear me down... I will rise and be ME because I am the greatest thing for me to be.

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I am very glad to hear it. Great personal story.thumbs up
Black? White? We are not defined by color. What matters is what's on the inside. Well written and very meaningful!
thumbs up hug bouquet
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