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I have a cactus that for a year now, has sat on my windowsill,
It doesn’t seem to do very much,
Can’t stroke it, it’s too prickly to touch,
I talk to it every day,
Though it doesn’t seem to respond in any way,
I water it and feed it in little bits,
But, whatever I do, it just sits,
Perhaps…..I should resolve to get it to grow by will!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
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Comments (5)

Ah but Andrew its always there, liked thatteddybear
kinda like having a pet rock...but the rock won't die of 'ignoredom' laugh laugh
Yes!........It's still there!
Although I love your tales, these little titbits of your everyday life are also very pleasant writes, as humans, we tend to have an insatiable desire to know little knicknacks about each other...
lol...perhaps it has a different agenda! i'm liking your prickly little friend :)
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