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life flight, plastered to our seats then float
oh...oh...the beauty of it all, take some notes
can I express what it now means...adequately
or will solemn words only ring hollow to you

just beyond the apex on the slightest curve down
he sees her looking back across the arc afore
when engines thrust fired hot, and so did love
and reentry was a thing to come...ahead

blackout is coming a few minutes down range
remember when we looked through life's portal
and saw all the earth before us, spinning days
to nights and back, all framed in India ink black

hardened and hot the free fall begins quickening
to the inevitable touchdown of life's recovery
Challenges and Discoveries were met and passed
to another time, reverently remembered

the roaring music now faintly smolders
a million million billion points in mind
all are here, but I can't hear you anymore
blinding...blinding...fade to white

© agoodguy2have 2010-07-12
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
stage 4...

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Touchdown! applause
"he sees her looking back across the arc afore
when engines thrust fired hot, and so did love
and reentry was a thing to come...ahead"
My god, man, time for 3 cold showers..., thrilling write indeed...
Reminded me of the Apollo flights in the 60's and 70's, when I was always glued to a television when anything about space came
Kind of a very hot write, somehow. May understand it eventually?
Or maybe I am not old enough yet. Intelligent invent.
Oh, if only the boosters had the fuel to reach orbit, but alas, no. And so what goes up must come down and in the perfect world, come down softly.
OMG!!!!!!!!! what a write.GG whats up?????
thumbs up handshake
perhaps the winter stage?....loved it...thanks.thumbs up bouquet
applauseOh My Stars, agoodguy! . . . Passion Rockets on in this piece for sure. Great Job! . . A True Poet, Heart and Soul. . . Thank you for a wonderful read! grin angel
Lol....sounds outta this world...better strap the harness on...before being left behind!boogie
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