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A five year old's view of night.

Once upon a time.......
means....It's bed time.....
kiss goodnight time......
say my prayers time.....
and bestest of all.....
it's....Story Time!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (12)

Well done! It's been so long since my kids were little. This brought it back nicely.
Or reading under the covers!
read it again Andrew...this time more slowly please...
Excellence in brevity. It worked for me - got the concept over with much warmth and few words and made me think back to those moments. A great little poem.
Thankyou Free......For me too!
awwww! those were the days...thanks for the thought..thumbs up bouquet
Naughty Caroljoyce....Naughty!
No GG2H.....Now go to sleep....I think that ten times is enough.....Don't you?
jazzy75 poem Andrew! I think my daughter would agree!! Think she may even have some of them memorized!wink
cheersvery nice one andy,,hope i wont be reading a horror story to kids like CJ did,thats why she have to read under the blankets, grin grin(kidding cj) bouquet teddybear
Wonderful, few words, story timecheering
This brings back good memories. Nice poem.
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