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How to tell?

A touch of love or a hint of lust
A fleck of pink light in a mote of dust
Think that you can’t but feel that you must
Rattling of thoughts that you can’t see or trust

If you suspect you may have been smote
In need of evidence, where it is wrote
That this is the one to endlessly dote
Or another conquest to boastfully quote

Mind thinks in doubt so how can it tell
Answer in cool depth of soul wishing well
Or cast off a gilt edged nefarious spell
In the spell drop’s heart the answer will tell

Gaze deep at a dew drop longing to find
Revealing reflection calm unquiet mind
Peace that bewilderment is unable to find
That lights up the smile and is blissfully kind

When questions swirl temptation for fright
There is comfort in the magic, infinite light
Soft whisper the query to an Angel tonight
To tell you a dream if you understand right.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (13)

That's a lovely write, Carol and I'm sure touches a lot of people because there's universality in your message.
A wonderful write CJ..thumbs up

Dreams tell us is how we interpret them that counts..if right angel
Lovely,mellow write,thank you Carol.hug bouquet
Wow carol! Very mystic and ethereal. Great rhyming too. Well done! wine
This is wonderful and no doubt will touch a few souls, as always an eloquent writeteddybear
I loved it. It was very magicalteddybear
i can tell....this is one great poem, mystical as said, and with many jewels of old are you girl? ;-)
There is comfort in the magic, infinite light

another dreamy gem caroljoycebouquet
the beauty of magic
your words so delicately spun into the dream.
Thank you for sharing, I don't want to wake up.

Ladybee42online now!
ahhh! i am all dreamy now..daydream happy place
thanks for sharing carol..thumbs up
it seems as genesis, all anew, all mesmerizing, all full of hope...promise...nice caroljoy...
This has a lot of substance
I truly enjoyed reading this poem
It touched my heart
reminds me a little bit about the prophesies
and Genesis in the beginning
all good
Blessings always
A touch of love or a hint of lust. oooo I like it. The whole thing was superbapplause
This poem is great just KNOW when it really happens.....and its always mutual......tit for

And it feels clean and pure like a brook in the forrest........that's how you know....peace
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