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Our Colourful World

Violence is red as my love does say

Love is blue as you know too

Orange is party and no groping

Yellow is the time of alarm

Fear is black as is blind

Hope is white but no sight

Green is envy so vile and evil

Purple is peaceful and only desired
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Moods are colours my poem could be turned upside down,inside out, depending on ones mental state.Tomorrow I would have written it differently and I am sure it would be more appreciated,but today is now and this is what I have.

Aussie Ken

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Comments (6)

Good enough Ken...Honest and
Welcome to Poets Corner Boyseeksgirl..wave

A nice write..and true/honest as Andrew says..
So I wonder what colour are you today?

Thankyou for posting..handshake angel
That was first poem and I am so happy for the comments,only two so far ,however only one poem,very cool.I am a colour person and today maybe a rainbow,yet in full control.

colorful point taken Ken, If I sent a Magenta could you use it?
a lovely poem makes me realise my world is a rainbow...teddybear
Thanks for the comments,and I think you got the simplicity of my words,as should be our lives.So many complicated questions with ridiculous answers.
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