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A beautiful skyline on top of the trees,
Whispering winds begin shaking the leaves.
Swallowing sunlight as the clouds move in streams,
Expressions of grays, some blues, and some pink.
Flowers wildly dancing their petals uncurl,
Awaiting the Heavens to replenish the earth.
A bird soaring high gliding on thermal air,
Swoops into hiding from a thunderous scare.
The echoing faints than is followed by lights,
Narrow and jagged dividing the sky.
The first drops of rain fall to the ground,
Forming a mist and a rythym of sounds.
Faster and faster until the landscape is wet,
It stayed for awhile and has already left.
This cleansing brings hope as a lizard drinks from a rose,
And a promise by God sealed with a Rainbow.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Its been raining alot here in North Florida and the little apple of my eye wanted me and her to write a poem together.Hope you enjoy it was mostly her I just helped a tiny bit.

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Comments (16)

Ladybee42online today!
you both painted a lovely picture james
the rain sounds good all over again..
wave thumbs up bouquet
Hi, fjamesj9701,
What a lovely picture your poem paints as This cleansing brings hope as a lizard drinks from a rose. Thank you for sharing.
fjames...tell the apple from us, that it's a very beautiful poem with rainbows of light for us to read ;-)
Tell your apple that its A wonderful poem
Thank you again thats an plf one.and i will tell her..
This is a beautiful poem fjames... Beautiful pic too. purple heart
I love the bright pristine world after its be washed clean fresh scents all around a lovely write Jessie and daughter
teddybear bouquet angel dancing
It's raining for days and weeks where I live, but the only rainbow I see is the one you brought with your beautiful poem here.
Congrats James! Nicely done.handshake
Thank you C for reading my little ones poem. Its an older one but still a pleasure....Jessedaydream
Thank you Shadow to you as well for reading my poem. I am glad you stopped and read teddybear ..Jesse
Motta, than you for reading. I feel for you on the rain but enjoy it. It could be blessing or, but than again.. Nice to meet you ......Jessehandshake tip hat
This cleansing brings hope as a lizard drinks from a rose,

Why didn't i think of that phrase before.Excellent stuff Jesse!
handshake cheers
Because MM that would make you a phrase hoarderlaugh Thank you for reading my friend. God bless you and have a Happy Easter....Jessecheers
Hi fjames

Lovely read, stunning picture
Thank you for sharing wave
Good morning Rapture thank you for reading and have a lovely Happy Easter. God Bless....Jessestuck
truly beautiful with colourcheers thumbs up
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