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want the girl

sorry for me being me im not sorry to you im not vengeful im just me doing what i know how to do waking every morning to pain in my heart but you wouldn't understand your better then me your perfect me im a painted glass in a picture frame of sorrow that is who i am just a man digging with my hands to find my truth but it is gone again truth what is truth anyways does truth make us strong i wont lie for you are better then me who am i im a thought im made how can i be why do i do this to me take the knifes out of my back for i love you
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Posted: Jul 2010

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Hi, johntheraven1,
me im a painted glass in a picture frame of sorrow...digging with my hands to find my truth. Your words paint such images of human emotion. Thank you for sharing.
Doesn't sound very loving to me; love is gentle;I think you should unleash the healing of forgiveness, for yourself and anyone else; feel the peace when there is no need to blame, you will save so much energy.
its not its a darker side of love
Love does not have a dark side.
i guess im still young have alot to learn about love
If it feels dark, it is probably 'want' or 'need'; they often masquerade as love and fool everyone; quite different though as they impose complete conditions.
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