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Yankee Doodle

He'll pass gas at the table and laugh,
And then not even think it a gaff.
Cusses and spits and smokes cigarettes,
Not the least bit embarassed by half.

Table manners are truly a joke,
Shouldn't be allowed 'round gentle folk.
Tells dirty jokes in mixed company,
Never minds all the rules that he broke.

Yeah, his wardrobe is truly a mess,
Like it maybe was dark when he dressed.
Wears stripes with plaids, no problem with that,
Says, "Hey, who do I need to impress?"

He'll go out with a wide open fly,
There's soup stains on his only necktie.
Good for a fight each Saturday night,
He's the macho American guy.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
A conglomeration of several I have known...

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Comments (5)

agoodguy2have my shirt hangin' out?....what....WHAT! ;-)
applauseI think I Dated that Conglomeration once! . . . Ok, Ok, Ok, maybe twice . . . lol . . nice job Freeteddybear angel
Sounds great fun to me, is he single? Good funny write Refreshing .this one's not autobiographical or another of your confessions, is it?tip hat
Thanks goodguy! Thank you MonaLisaSmile, lucky you!...NOT! Thanks Carol, no it's not me, but I have a friend...and he is single, lives with his mom...grin
Hi FAL, this was so funny..I loved the last two stanzazs...JG'...laugh laugh tongue tongue grin wave
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