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FG3... Rise of the Groth...(Part 9)

Breathless, “The Twitch”, arrived at the entrance to Faerie Land,
She delved into her bag, passing things from hand to hand,
Until finally she found a piece of white rag,
And with some string, tied it to her broomstick to make a truce flag,
This time, the Unicorn wasn’t asleep, she didn’t creep past,
When challenged, she presented the white flag and stood fast,
And looking cross eyed down the length of a threatening silver horn,
Explained that she had come here, Freddie the young wizard to warn!

The Magick cards changed and changed again as they were laid,
Sat on opposite sides of the table were Freddie and his Faerie wife as they played,
He was quickly learning the wizards ways,
As he learned this and other mind strategy plays,
Of a sudden he was all of an itch,
He could sense the presence of a witch!

At that time, as the Unicorn and “the Twitch”, started their way to make,
The ground started to violently shake,

In Otherspace the Good Wizard felt it as well,
He clutched his head and to his knees fell,
The psychic shock was horrendous,
A lesser mind would have been killed, it was that tremendous,
At that moment, the door to his place opened wide,
The leader of the Guardians appeared, ready with explanation to provide,
With an open hand he bent down……The good Wizard, his hand took,
From one to another was exchanged a special look,
Suddenly…….Gone was all the pain,
As….The Good Wizard stood and felt right again……

Meanwhile in Middlespace……, Moving stiffly to begin with….As if they’d been starched,
The Army of the Groth……..Toward Faerie Land…….Slowly marched….
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (4)

Oh no , sure there is plenty of help this time???HOPEFULLYteddybear
Ladybee42online today!
ooohhh! i'm not liking the groth one bit here....
and there's an entire army of wow wow
how's Andrew gonna get us outta THIS one now, We're goner's for sure! ;-)
I sense a Hero coming over that hill!...Look>>> dancing a dancing dwarf! now all we need is an army of wipe out "The army of the orrible Groth"!!! cool grin

Better late than never Andrew! lol..thumbs up thanks again.

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