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What Must Be Done

Rewards in life require work,
Inspiration, sweat and blood.
Pay your dues and do not shirk.
Be honest, strong and good.

Throngs may choose the easy path
But throngs are all they'll see,
So crowded, cramped and fully packed,
For easy isn't free.

The price in fact, is much too high,
The toll is much too dear.
What must be done can't be denied
Nor cowered from in fear.

What must be done; it shall be done.
What's right is what to do.
Then when you find your setting sun,
You'll know your path was true.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
What you cannot dare, you cannot win, and what you cannot win you cannot cheat. It is the fool who steals from himself.

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Comments (6)

G.H. you're quite good at the poem side of life and this is just another example of that, however, you're even better with the philosophy side..."Be honest, strong and good." ;-)
GM2H, I consider that very high praise coming from you and feel honored. Thank you. handshake
This is a wonderful thought out poem, enjoyed readingteddybear
nice poem-makes me want to go off and do some work!teddybear
GH i find you are a person who doesn't beat about the bush - you say it as it is, and you are right, the best things in life are earned, tasting all the sweeter for it.
thumbs up wine bouquet
Wish someone had told me this years ago, thanks GH.sigh
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