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She's one of gods most mysterious creatures
She's loyal and kind wild and free
When we take long walks together
She always stays close to me

She wears a fur coat
That lasts year round
Her feet are so silent
When we're out on the town

She's always watching me
She knows that I care
Her eyes stare right through me
I start to tingle in fear

When I take her out
People are nervous with despair
If they only knew what we have
And everything that we've shared

She just loves the outdoors
She keeps me really fit
We hike for hours and hours
I enjoy our time every bit

We get along so well
I don't dare start a fight
She's got so many sharp teeth
And one ferocious bite!

She's my one and only soulmate
Where just two peas in a pod
Share every momment in life
Created by nature and god

She sleeps in my bedroom
At the bottom of my bed
A growl in the morning
Means she has yet to be fed

We take walks every night
Under the stars and full moon
When she hears the others howl
They'll be coming real soon

I hide in the spruce trees
Waiting for them to show up
All at once the howling begins
Natures erie chorus erupts!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
the only animal on earth....thats loyal,kind,always there,and share unconditional love...any questions???

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Comments (7)

Nope, I am in perfect agreement with someone, first time all night. I am glad you did this and you made a good job of it, enjoyable read. I have two of them and I think they are actually a rather noisy, messy variety of angel.tip hat
No questions only praise for a beautiful poem teddybear
good read d.w. no questions.
thumbs up applause teddybear
glad you all like this one,laugh its where i write that determines my mood,if at home,i tend to write dark,emotional and depressing poems,but when i'm at my favorite outdoor writing spot,i'll write more enjoyable things. confused cheers
Move house?
trurorobonline today!
what a b*tch!!, still loved the poem!!
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