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Cycle's End

Oh yes there were golden moments,
I can remember quite a few,
But I cannot help recalling,
The ones that left me black-and-blue.

The times I ran and hid away,
The times I took it like a man,
Though I was just a kid and that,
Was more than one should have to stand.

My father was an angry drunk,
Sometimes he took it out on me.
Some of his abuse was verbal,
But often physical, you see.

Until one day at seventeen,
When he had backed me to the wall,
His fist was clenched with arm drawn back,
And things weren't looking good at all.

"What can I lose?" I thought, and then,
Dropped down into a fighting stance.
I knew I could not beat him but,
Felt like it was my only chance.

"Wadda you think you're gonna do?"
He then asked incredulously.
"Well, I'm not just gonna stand here,"
I said, "and let you beat on me."

He shook his head and chuckled then,
Turned round and slowly walked away.
You know, I never will forget,
The lessons that I learned that day.

The very first revelation,
That it is wrong to run and cower
When you stand up to a bully,
You take away all his power.

The other lesson learned back there,
The message that I want to send,
I vowed I'd never beat a kid,
And that the cycle would now end.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
And I kept that vow. The cycle is broken!

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applause applause applause applause
Standing Ovation on that one, Free . . BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! I'm SO Sorry for what you had to go throughhug God Bless Your Sweet Heart for ALL Your Pain and Hardship, and for Your Bravery, and Then For Your Promise to End The Pain!! BRAVO!!!!cheeringteddybearangel
Ladybee42online today!
thumbs up hug
god for you free, nice poem..thumbs up bouquet
So glad the cycle has ended with you.
Just wish it had never begun.
A sad read but felt the strength nowhandshake cheers
Oh great courageous write! Down with bullies! devil
MonaLisaSmile, Ladybee, Redex and caroljoyce, thank you so much for your kind words and sentiments. Never beat a kid in my life and none of the kids I raised are abusers.
I think that this is a terrific message and wonderful poetry. I never had to suffer such an upbringing. my demons were of a different vein, but of course, not one as damaging as child/parent physical/emotional trauma. it may be best, not, to beat children. disciplinary nor otherwise. (well understated) but this moment, as I type this, it made me wonder...made me wonder of the parents or guardians who may have perhaps slipped well past boundaries of discipline, correction. might they have their own emotional trauma, which, because of their actions, live on in their minds, until their last breath? I would guess that the majority do...
it's a hard lesson to learn, but unfortunately for some of us, a necessary one. thanks for the sting of memory, and bravo! (reminds me of a line from cherry poppin' daddies 'drunk daddy': ok dad you can beat me, but you'll never beat me.)
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