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I have always thought of a person being jaded.
As one who has had a bad relationship.
Not as one who has loved with the passion of an echo that could not be silenced.
I thought of the man who sat waiting endless for his lady to come home.
To wake to morning light alone. (jaded?)
Of a woman beat and crying. Thinking of a love that was past dyeing (jaded?)
Not the woman or man who had loved and been loved like a birth of a storm.
How could they be jaded?
The mirror shows the answers I seek.
Is jaded a feeling one will keep?
The heart breaking in a million pieces.
Tears that flow at the thought of you.
Not being able to let go.
Not wanting to.
Not an unanswered love.
A love of passion that was built to last a life time.
It seems like not yours, but mine.
Sometimes I want to erase every reminder of you.
But that means I would have to erase me too.
We were so entwined with our love.
My heart is broken and I am wondering what was I thinking of.
So in the mirror it speaks to me.
I am not free. Jaded.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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I loved this poem of yours,I thought of this title often,would write a few lines and delete.You have written so well.thumbs up bouquet hug
Now let me come and hug it better.
Jaded just means soul feels worn out and threadbare, I think.
This is a wonderful poem technically and spiritually.I am only sorry you have had to go through so much in order to write it.I enjoyed reading it, but not the sense of your tangible pain. crying
don't be jaded happy, these things pass...
hug hug bouquet bouquet
The day will come when you will be ready to let go. You'll know. Meanwhile, your feelings are real, valid and I'm glad you can put them to paper. sad flower
A new person will come into your life and all those feelings of remorse will dry up and blow away. Keep looking, you'll find it!
very nice poem..thank you happy...we all have mirrors...and a carry oneself weighed down? shrug...throw off burden...jaded? romanticizing misery?...sing aloud! dance the dance of fools! and then sing some more...louder! dance! you've got the chance...take it...!
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