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Going Slowly

Met her online, she seemed very nice.
As it turned out I should have thought twice.
Used and abused then left in the end,
My broken heart took a while to mend.

After some time another I met,
Perfect we seemed, at least on the net.
As it turned out I wasn't her man,
Though we're still friends, it's not what we planned.

Whirlwind romance sure can be a thrill,
But when it ends, it leaves you unfilled.
I have now learned the real value of,
Taking my time in matters of love.

So I still seek to find my true heart,
Could it be her, or will we soon part?
Guess time will tell and then we'll know,
But we've agreed, we're taking it slow.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Will the tortoise win this time? Guess we'll have to w a i t... and... see...

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Comments (11)

I don't believe you have it in you to take anything slow, somehow.You are one of life's slashers, wading in when everyone else is still feeling the temperature with their toe, and why not really? If you look at statistics then the time must be coming for you to score an ace. Keep us updated! Best of British!flirty
Slow & steady wins the race,go at it at your own pace.All will be well.Good luck,Good health & wealth,God bless you.handshake teddybear
Scuse my typo, I meant splashers! Sorry.
aha a freudian slip carol?..laugh ah good to see you moving on free, and yes, nice and slow is good..hug wine bouquet
Thanks paloma and Ladybee! It's ok caroljoyce, thought you had me "slashing" through the surf! LOL
It's true that the best things are worth waiting for. Instant gratification is so alluring but many great things have certainly been sacrificed for it. A wise write. Thank you. beer
Wise words indeed! thumbs up thumbs up

I think your experiences would be shared by a lot of people on here though! laugh

Best of luck finding your special lady wine
applause Taking it slow is always best . .

Stopping to smell the roses and to enjoy the dance, 'tis each step we take that ensures the Romance.teddybear

I Agree with Everyone on this one. Wonderfully Written, Free
You Keep going Bro. and trust me ..Raise your good spirit up high .. and you'll get what you want hug hug

Best Of Luck heart wings heart wings May Love find your way

Happygolucky4uonline today!
Anything that is worth having is worth waiting forlaugh So my mum use to say. I agree slow is a nice speedbouquet
trurorobonline today!
I would go haring after her, but I understand!, good write FAL
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