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Meant For Me

You were meant for me. I knew right from the start.
I felt the stirrings of love deep in my heart.
We started off slow.
Plenty of time to share.
We could let our love grow.
And enjoy the feeling of care.
One day turned into a week.
And time just flew by.
You were just what my heart did seek.
I never questioned why.
We were meant to be.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Thought I better start trying to write things more positive. snowed in

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Comments (7)

And didn't you get it right when you did! Very nice!!! peace
Positive and uplifting. I think a lot of us needed something like this to read. Thanks!
Yes have to agree with our two male friends, this was a nice read for first thing in the morning for me. Well doneteddybear
thank you for the lovely poem happy,
some things do seem to just happen..
when we least expect them to..bouquet bouquet bouquet
a well penned poem 'll show'em!
trurorobonline today!
nice stuff my buddy!!
Plenty of time to share.
One day turned into a week.
And time just flew by.
You were just what my heart did seek.

beautiful... very beautiful Dear Madam...
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