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Cold showers

Some time it is difficult to relax
A person has made an impression on you
So it is time to face the facts
Since there is nothing that you can do
Turn the water on cold
Into the shower you go
Do not be so bold
Enjoying the water flow
My goodness she is on my mind
Anxiety stuttering a lot I find
What to do what to do
Just me and you me and you
Oh well a man in heat
that sounds kind of neat
loving you always
take care
That lady in FLorida
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
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to the Florida woman

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Comments (2)

she must be hot ironman thinks alot! ;-)
A man in heat!!!! What a great line, mind if I pinch it as it applies to a lot of em on here. Thanks 4 making me smile.yay
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