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The silence of the
Night cuts through my
Heart akin to to a storm
That disturbs the sea.

From the time
Of it's approach,
To the time
of it's passage,
Tranquillity and peace
Give way to the
Violent disturbance.

Such is the solitude
That accompany the night,
When noises of day
Are shattered by silence.

As the silence approaches
My thoughts are my foe,
Unmercifully haunting me
With violent disturbance.

Each night I await for
Dawn's breaking light,
To calm the silence and
It's violent disturbance.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (3)

I think my nights are pretty silent too. But I do fall asleep with the TV on a lot dunno bouquet
Beautifully written piece, vividly expressed.When you are unhappy, the night seems to come down to punish you and last for ever.'Shattered by silence'is brilliant.
trurorobonline now!
very well put about the torments of the mind!! nice write Dave!!
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