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Together Towards the Sunset

Impregnation , Union,
Sweetness and Communion
Birth and Beacon,
In a manner of speaking
Light and Love
From Heaven above
Has shone for both of us
This joy we share my dove,
Has become obvious
Fetters, fears, bad vibes
Ignoring any jibes
Our journey together
As hand in hand , we weather
Advancing years and all that may bring
A song of praise we’ll sing
For our Redeemer and our King
In the twilight years my dear
Side by side as tide recedes
What else, could be our needs
At last, true love we have found
And Homeward on our Journey bound

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Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
When True Love's been found

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Comments (4)

Nice thoughts.
"As hand in hand , we weather" beautiful sentiment.bouquet
Thank you dear,nice response and a beautiful picture.hug kiss heart beating
Sincere thoughts accompanied by stunning visuals. Let's hope your union is impregnated with only that which is desired.heart1
trurorobonline today!
Great response poem my friend, good luck to you both!!
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