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Jerry"s Final Thoughts

Holidays can be interesting
Although I may not travel
I do go on hikes daily
visit the neighbourhood cafe
Go for some cold ones on those hot days
Have some barbeques with friends
Then rest
In the afternoon I need to be entertained
The Jerry Springer show provides entertainment
A wife is on the show to tell her husband
A husband in on the show to hear the news
The crowd applauds
Jerry tries to mediate
Then the other parties come in
Their is a rumble
The body guards are there to protect
Some busty ladies want their beads
Jerry has his final thought
Until the Next time take care of each other
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Some time the television can be entertaining
I have to wonder if these incidents do happen
Someone said the people get paid to be on the show
It is different
An escape from reality
Oh well
Peace and love everyone

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Comments (2)

makes ya wonder what we're doin here eh ironman? thanks.
I think that show should be against the law; probably the human rights act as it robs them of all dignity.
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