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Temptation surrounds me like a fuzzy warm blanket.
Temptation calls to me to come out and play.
I pull my thoughts sharply in to order~
"None of that~concentrate on the task at hand."

Temptation wheedles and teases me, tricking me with soothing thoughts.
Temptation runs through my mind, like eye-candy for grown-ups.
I pull my thought sharply in to order~
"None of that~be strong and do not give in."

Temptation delivers a happy message and makes it hard to resist.
Temptation giggles at me as I beg it not to tempt me.
I pull my thoughts sharply in to order~
"None of that~you are a grown up and beyond all of that nonsense."

Temptation wraps its arms around me and I surrender happily.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Would you give in to temptation?

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Comments (6)

Nice write amahlala! I believe in yielding to temptation whenever possible. grin
i agree w free...if possible coffee?
LOTS of coffee here!!!!!grin
trurorobonline now!
temptation has no respect for age Lala, which should please us!!, cheers for that!
drinking drinking YHe Yhe always have a beer when tempted.
Loved this poemteddybear
Probably, after a fight. Lovely poem, really different and well written, charming.
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by amahlala (51 Poems)
on Jul 2010
in Humor
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