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Left Behind

Oh no I am left behind again.
Sometimes I feel like I am invisible.
Seems like there is some kind of pecking order going on here.
And I say "What about me."
Ok go on. I don't care.
So I go and just waddle off on my own.
Sometimes it is hard to be the last one.
To wonder what is wrong with me.
I'm not that strong.
I wear my heart upon my sleeve.
And people just keep hurting little ol me.
They say I need to toughen up.
But all I want to be is a yellow duck.
They seem to get all the time.
Of the people who come close to the ponds line.
There feathers are colored all so rich.
Mine are tan with touch of dark brown.
And sometimes I feel that even Ma don't want me around.
So I continue on my search.
For my place in line.
Ut-oh! I don't see Ma and the others.
Oh brother I am lost.
As I sit and cry.
Asking myself repeatedly.
Why oh why.
Hey hey stop that!
That is the back of my head.
There is Ma pecking me.
With a beak of lead.
Pushing me back in place.
With a look upon her face.
Oh I am just a young duck.
Who has just run out of luck.
I'm going, I'm going.
Please quit pecking me.
Are you sure you're my family.
I don't look like you.
Look at your other two.
Aw geez I am coming.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
While feeding the ducks this morning I seen one that seemed to be all alone. Till a big one came and got it and pushed it in the line with the other babes. So this is his story according to me. LOl

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Comments (7)

and quite relevant for many! wonderful story my friend...better fall in line or become a seagull! lol :)
You nailed right on the head! TERRIFIC!
Thanks for sharing!
Nice one, ducky. Much liked .Think I would like to be a little yellow duckling, too. Ahhhh!::daydream: frog
Sometime last in the pecking order becomes first with no need for change, The bigger duckie you become The first in the hot pot.rolling on the floor laughing Loved your poemteddybear
what a wonderful read on many levels and as an allegory for deeper human feelings. step to the front dear HGL! ;-)
that was really beautiful i liked nicely pennedthumbs up wine
Happy be happy.

That is back of my head.

Their is Ma picking me.thumbs up

Nice you shared your
Feeling with us.hug bouquet teddybear
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