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The Fight for Space

What a beautiful lawn it used to be
Tender grass, so thick; weed free.
Time took it's toll as each new weed
Before uprooted spread new seed.
And the faster they were pulled and hoed
The faster they grew; less grass then mowed.
Sprays and hoes and gloves and spades
Could not restore the glassy glades
Once a carpet plush and thick before.
Could ever it be so once more?
And mulling it over deep in thought
something important that I'd forgot.
In killing weeds I'd spent my time
With chemicals, sweat and bags of lime.
But fertilizer I had not spread.
And without this all my grass was dead
The weeds don't care. They grew in haste
As all my grass was left to waste.
So, this one thing I vowed to do.
I nourished the grass and so it grew.
And as it grew, it choked the weeds
And no bare soil found their seeds.
The weeds were left no room to grow
Feed what you wish and all else must go.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Care for, nurture and cultivate your love and joy and flourish by doing so.

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Comments (3)

I knew it was allegorical before I finished it, Oh wise one. Good write and advise, thanks.bowing
Ladybee42online today!
aha! the secret of a good 'lawn' eh?
wise words to live by GH - is the lawn
good enough to dance on do you think?

wine wine bouquet bouquet
great allegory GH on many just add water ;-)
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