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An Homage

Ladies and gentlemen, I beckon
You to render your ears to the
Praises of a culinary delight!
Never shouted in praises or song,
I take pen in hand, to right a wrong!

Some of our friends not in the U.S.of A.
May not be familiar with this
Simple and intoxicating delight!
Intoxicating, not as in drunk,
It seduces you gently with
Aroma, texture and taste!

Master and Mistresses find it
Amusing when they feed it to
Their four legged friends.
The K-9 in question, scampers
'Way quickly, rubbing his
Face on any surface around.
Scratching and pawing at joules that
Are gummed, Rover stands his ground.
He scrapes his tongue across his teeth,
Until the paste is gone.
He gratefully swallows, returns
And lap dances, begging, whining
Looking, and hoping for more.

Children, adults and red necks alike
Find it most appealing; tempting
Taste buds, and noses, day after day.
Some like spooned, like given to Rover.
Sounding good, I tried that once,
Alas, my friends, no milk to wash it down.
One week later, and a tube of ointment,
It was passable to say, to the beach I went.

There ways a many that it can be eaten.
Cheaply baked white bread is choice
I make; One slice is all I need to
Complete my morning meal.
Spreading it thick, a half an inch, on
The single slice, I fold it carefully,
Lovingly, as if it were my daughters,
In their younger years, tucking them in bed.

I could speak of constipatsion,
Which is a tale woe, and of the
Day, that I did, eat way to much of this;
Which my heart is begging, not
Write or share.

So friends that were listening,
And for those that cared, it was
With pride and great honor to
Have paid homage, to....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
I tip my hat to it's inventor.

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Comments (7)

Happygolucky4uonline today!
Peanut butter is best with chocolate.grin Nice write. Almost had me thinking it was cheese. And you are right there are many ways one can eat peanut butter. rose
OMG! Another DEVOTEE of the delicious, wonderful Peanut Butter! Buddy! Pal! I salute you for this wonderfully scrumptious ode!handshake
BRAVO and can i get a AMEN to the invention of peanut butter!

nothing like a peanut butter, dill pickle and banana sandwich. yummmmmo. seriously, it's tasty!
You had me going on the edge wondering than SMACK!! Peanut butter That was fun Thankscheers
Now I was SURE this was going to be chocolate spread. Constipatsion?? As in bunged up? Loved the doggy part, thank you, Oh and glad about the head.grin
though not the first, George Washington Carver is who we owe this great debt. A crunchy (my preference) read!
trurorobonline now!
very tasty!!
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