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A Full Vessel

When I am too full of angst and thoughts are crowded in my brain I practice “empty the vessel” it is an amusing game.
The object of the game is to type just the right words, spew them on the screen and watch how the emotions come in a never-ending stream.
Sometimes it takes awhile and I lose points if it is too long, but sometimes I win right away and the tears become a song.
A song of sadness and of grief, of hardest times, and sanity stolen by a thief.
I wonder if it helps at all and yet I know it does.
I feel my shoulders sag a bit and the knot in my stomach comes undone.
A funny feeling, seeing words on a screen, you really should try it, it is just like a dream,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Another good read, yes it does help to wrightthumbs up
concentrating on a theme or a set of words focuses your mind and energy so that the thoughts become clearer on the subject. the answers and new words are usually already inside us. like going to sleep with a question and waking up with the answer. nice thoughts, thanks for sharing them...wave thumbs up
Well said, asubtlewoman.cswelcome
empty that vessel at this port subtlewoman! ;-)
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