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Your face has a sweetness
so deceptive to a keen eye.
It covers the desperate and false
ambitions within.
Your eyes penetrate with blank perception
and lay open
old wounds left by your indifference.
But how can I resist the very essence
of desire for to do so would belie the truth
it holds.
For the very scent of your skin
brings a weakness my heart has no
antidote for.
And your touch brings
peace to the ache within my body.
But departure brings with it the reality
weakness provided.
And I am left with
words only on paper writ
that tells of the moment that I should forget.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (6)

Very nice read,hope you are moving onhandshake
Heartfelt write about the very human dilema of desire, well done.
dilemma indeed, dilemma in thought, interesting lines of Andrew you've brought. ;-)
Lovely verse, I liked, (am left with only words on paper)as those words left a lovely poem tooteddybear
Hi, asubtlewoman,
A tale, well-told, of passion and the tender heart, with no antidote for love. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you all for your lovely comments. I have moved on which is why I am exploring this site and yes my heart is still recovering from lots of moments of disappointment but I think sometimes that is the test, to keep the heart open and not to shut out others even with the after effects of a painful experience.
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