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There are times when I am searching for a place to call home.
There are times when I am strong and I don't need no one to lean on.
There are times when I am weak.
And for strength to go on I seek.
There are times that go by way to fast.
And some just seem to last.
There are dreams I need to live.
Things I need to do.
And I know these times don't include you.
I have not let you think that we were more than just friends.
And asking for more will surely put that to an end.
So think wisely before your words go on.
We have been friends for a long time gone.
I wish I could close my ears. Turn my head and not hear.
Your words could change all. Please careful what you say.
It will be with a high price that both will have to pay.
You know I have a plan I have to see it through.
You know that the plan has never included you.
So lets not change the good that we've got.
Lets just hang on to a friendship that means a lot.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Let's hope your wishes are heeded and friendship continues unimpeded.
trurorobonline today!
yes best not to lose a good friendship because someone seeks more than is there!!
Continue to follow your dreams and heart and even though a friend was not included in the plan than a good friend to either side will still help see it through and not complicate. very nice poem. handshake
Awe the friend. I love the sing song of this poem.
This really hit close to home.
I was smart enough ( although it was not easy at the time) to heed those words when spoken to me.

It's been many years now ~ and I have slowly learned that loving someone is quite different than 'being in love with them'.

I'm happy to say that he still is my best friend.

Madyteddybear heart beating
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