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Musical Intstruments

Accordion is the first
I enjoy the waltzes tangos mazurkas and paso doble.
Banjo is second
I love blue grasss and country
Dueling banjos
Coronet is third
Similiar to the trumpet
I love Louis Armstrong
What a Wonderful World
Dancing is fourth
I like to watch the latin american dances
the tango the samba and the fox trot
Dancing with the stars
Entertainment is fifth
I like to watch the ballet and the opera
It is entertaining and soothing
Swan Lake and Carmen
Fugle horn is sixth
I enjoyed Chuck Mangione
he was different
Where is he now
Gregorian Chant is seventh
The med-evil time
pheasant and turnip
jousting and wenches
where is the Black Night
Harmonica and Harpsichord is eight
I love the blues
Harpsichord and bach sinfonias
all good
Where is the Well Tempered Clavier
Intersections of the world is ninth
Travelling to Iceland Norway and switzerland
the crossing of the oceans
the intersections of life
Juke box is tenth
It is like a computer with many varieties of music
the wurliztzer and the sea breeze
Where is Janis Joplin
the first third of our journey is completed
we will meditate for a while
Blessings and love always
Gershwin Scott Joplin and Johnny Cash
notes and chords all different
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
This is a poem about the things we may take for granted
the different colours of music and entertainment
People who are creative and express themselves
A wonderful time
Blessings and love

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Comments (3)

Some I have heard of and some I may know, but you left out another great one that I cant help but to think of as I look at your name. BlackSabbath just a thought that occurred.but none the less I love music and this was entertaining
Thank you for your comment
Black Sabbath is good
AC DC is good
and so is Foriengner
and Jimmy Hendrix
all made Outstanding contributions
Yes my friend there are too many too name but one from generation to inspire the next in all noites and walks of music.
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