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One Of A Kind

i like to think that ive made a difference
that ive contributed to helping the world
but what have i true given a few lines on paper
an occasional inspiring word
what good does it do to try to encourage
why is it only after the fact
as a person i find this a poor quality
something thats unique to our species
but just because its unique doesnt make it right
all species fight for the greater good of the species
why must we only fight for the greater good of me
we cant make a difference if we only help ourselves
so why dont we try to help someone else for a change
if we want to truely help we will fight united
one for all not all for one or we will only fall
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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JT: you are one-of-a-kind with this poem. Words do make a difference I believe. this poem shows that. We need reminders that there IS a greater good to work toward, you show that. well done.
Hi, jtirishfan,
Some believe a peaceful world would be too boring. Perhaps it is merely imagination that is lacking. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
trurorobonline today!
never happen but good thoughts!
Nice one.thumbs up
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