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The Quest

In my search for true romance,
I've made some awesome friends,
Though love is still eluding me,
Guess that's what fate intends.

Fell in love not long ago,
But was not meant to be.
Though she loves me as a friend,
Was not in love with me.

So I must move on again,
To try to find my one.
Never thought I'd come this far,
With searching just begun.

But I won't give up my quest,
However long it goes,
Love's worth all of this and more,
As my heart surely knows.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Still hopeful...

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Comments (13)

Yes..always believe in Hope! It will come..thumbs up

Lovely write Freeatlast... Ljj cool angel
trurorobonline today!
Well FAL at least you are prepared to make the effort!
very nice - love is worth the wait hug
you're a terrific writer with abounding spirit...
I'm sure to strike Gold soon,dont give up....My best to you.thumbs up teddybear
A great guy like yourself, is sure to meet the lady that is just right for you..Bless you for your kindness toward your lost loves, and your always hopefull attitude which is so alive..Great poem, my friend..FREE..applause teddybear super rose..JG.. wave
Well FAL should have been,...I'm sure you will strike gold soon.sorry about that mistake.handshake teddybear
hedi said what i feel. ;-)
i have always been a bit envious of writers who rhyme with such ease and clarity...this one, like so many others of yours, turns me a bit green. cool plus i admire people with so much hope. cheers
Now what is WRONG with all those ladies over the pond?
Duck them I say Carol bring some sense into them, as always penned lovelycheers
Thank tou all, as always for your kind words. Witches, please cast your charms and Christians send your prayers!
applause The Quest for love is not always the easiest for sure. . . but I'm with the rest . . Hold on to your Faith and your Hope . . Love will come when you least expect it. . . Awesome Write,teddybear Free . . I feel it well . . . Thank You for your words always angel
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