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I Miss You

I miss you every night and day,
Wondering every second,
If your safe...

Are you happy? I want to know,
To know that my blessings and love, make you glow,

My whole body aches, and my tears they flow.
If I could, I simply want to know....

That you are ok, that your safe and sound,
That nothing like despair, misery or hate, has
You bound.

Is this selfish, if I wish for you,
That I made a difference with my love for

That I remember how I made a promise?
How I said I would stand by you?

I don't think so, for I stand by my
I think of you and pray for you.

You are not here, by my
But forever more, you will alway be,
Deep in my heart, deep in my thoughts,

You reside.

Because I love you.

No matter where you are.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
To be forgotten, is worse than death.......

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Comments (9)

Awww... Wishing the best for you, may your dreams come true.
comfort hug tinypix,that was very sad and touchingdoh hug comfort wish you all the best sweetycomfort handshake hug applause
Wonderful. handshake
i totally agree...remember...thanks.
The ache is multiplied beyond belief...
my sweet Pixiesad flower
Wishing you and the one you love the very best,may your dreams come true.Nice write.thumbs up bouquet
...yaythankyou and blessings you lovely people.......

Galaxy.....come here n gis us a snog dear....laugh smitten
Very nice poem
applauseRemember Always, that "Distance makes the Heart Grow Fonder" . . and "Patience is a Virtue" . . Once that you have touched someone's heart with your own . . They can NEVER FORGET YOU! . . They might tuck you away for a time, but they WILL ALWAYS in some way REMEBER! . . Memories are funny like that . . they Never Really Go Away! . . .

teddybear Wishing you both much happiness and God Speed for you to be hugtogether!teddybear . . Nice one Pixie! bouquetThank you
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