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What is love?
A verb or a noun?
Do You give it or take it?
Can You find it downtown?

Those made up street people
Hard bodies, eyes mean
What is it they're selling?
Is love part of the scene?

When You say that You love me
Does it imply a cost?
A one sided contract
You won and I lost?

Does it need to be sinister
A lien on body and soul,
You say that You love me
And expect full control?

To me it's quite simple
The feeling's there or it's not
If "I care" is not enough
Tough, that's all that I've got.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Wrote it in December of 1992 while I was recovering from a fractured skull received when I was mugged, waitin' for my Girl....
Seemed to be accurate at the time. It took a few months to dilute the bitterness....

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Comments (3)

Male11: quite a powerful poem without the history of it's write. even more so, with it...very deep and ...caring. ;-]
I can relate to the understandable cynicism here; good write.
man this poem gets 5stars from me.One of the most true to life writingthumbs up applause thumbs up pls keep it coming and thanks for sharing!!!cheers
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