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The Prose of Promise

Upon this mountain’s edge serene
As the Sunset of Promise sets to night
Overlooking the view of a span of life
O’er the horizon of what may come
Fear not the fall, sit close to the edge
Fear not the cold of Night’s abyss
For the view, is not what it seems
Look to the knowing of a coming light
The pains and the glory and the undreamt strife
Reasons change, another day done
The regrets, the mask, the sincere pledge
As if to awaken an enlightened kiss
This too shall pass away
This too shall pass away
A spark of divine perfection
Stand from the edge and turn [to pray]
From the womb, to a weathered age
Look for the path that leads back down
That takes upon itself, a fiery blaze
With thanks, take steps, love is near
Destined to be the great reflection
Freedom unchained, will of pride broken
Pressing thoughts of peace and rage
Awaiting you to change the frown
Transcending self, the resurrection
Come back to center, the now, the here
This too shall pass away
The word of breath upon you spoken
This too shall pass away
Spells nor chants from all of lore
And whence you lastly seek no more
Canst not untie what you yourself bind
Therein the droplets of rainbow’s storm
Lest you yourself untie each bow
Those winds shall settle, a cosmic trance
That wraps the wounded view of self
The smile unable to match the joy
And turn from the old, embracing more
That pain inside, no longer sore
In this that Love and Peace you’ll find
Drowning no more, the heart twas torn
Be here now, just let it, just let it flow
Singing you to a new found dance
This too shall pass away
And though this too shall pass away
Till the setting of the light of Moon
Giving fret to new things denied
Births the rising, a rebuilt pride
Relax, let go, give in to swoon
Lest you find yourself, once again
Grace doth walk at your side
Upon this Mountain’s edge serene
Carrying you throughout each night
Overlooking the view of a span of life
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
This is a poem i wrote in response to a poem that a CS member named:
aliyahlexi wrote in one of her blogs. Yet, i wanted it to apply to everyone...and not just her. So i wrote it in such a way that might capture us all. It has several meanings to it. Depending on the reader's knowledge and understanding, will depict how much is gotten from it. ~Namaste

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Fear not the fall, sit close to the edge...Overlooking the view of a span of life, fleeting. Namaste.
This is a really good piece. I would suggest splitting your work as it is complex with a lot of ideas, and quite long. It would make it more accessible.
every now and again someone comes along with a poem to remember, and this is one of them...thank you for sharing this...thumbs up
bouquet bouquet
wine rose in teeth
Thank you all for the comments.. it was written from the heart..
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