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Untitled Love

She laid broken in a heap.
Her eyes staring straight forward.
One arm twisted completely off.
And a leg crumpled behind her.
There was a horrible stench,
Where she had lain for so long.
Her once beautiful blonde hair now discolored.
I picked her up with tears running down my cheek.
I had searched for her for so long.
I had given up all hope of ever touching holding her again.
And now here she was.
My heart felt heavy as I lifted her gently in my arms.
I held her close to my face wanting to remember her feel.
We had been through so much. Her and I.
Closing the door to the old worn out tobacco barn.
I knew they might tear the old barn down.
But my memories of her would never fade.
I carried my little dolly that meant so much to me as a child to safety.
Where the destruction of the barn could begin.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Ladybee42online today!
ohhh! that had to hurt... i loved my dolls too! hug
lovely poem proud..thumbs up bouquet bouquet
AHHH! loved this so much. I had a teddy from being a few months old, with one eye and half an ear. Only let its remains go maybe 15 years ago. I remember sobbing and sobbing because my mother washed him and hung him out-she never did it again. Missing him now and I am not grown up enough to be without him, yet.teddybear
trurorobonline today!
lovely twist, had me going there!!
Hi, Proudamerican100,
We had been through so much. Her and I. It is nice when we can touch again that which earlier had sustained us and now come to its rescue.
Must tell you I guessed a doll from the beginning.
But the journey was magnifinent!
I too guessed the doll but not til you picked her up. I had a stuffed monkey that I loved as a kid, but mom threw him away after I rubbed Vicks on his chest when I had a cold. Nice write Proud! Sure it brought a nostalgic tear to many an eye.
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Beautiful! I loved the part of old tobacco barn head banger
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