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summer morning vision

dimly waking in early morning
tears slowly well in my lids
i hear your sweet voice singing
a noteworthy morning surprise

a quick high note follows long chord
and angelic you appear in the room
I, now, down hallway look perplexed
unsure how we got here from dawn

remember back to front door stoop
toddling citizens passing on lawn
the tea iced our throats, mint cool
as ants lined the cracks of June

the peanut buttered crumbs bounced
from bread to knee to walk
the ants, mini Atlas's grab 'n haul
the newfound booty back to den

each kind cares for it's own
observers only in other societies
i look at you as you coo progeny
gently mentoring generations coming

be day or night, the time we got
together is what life's all about
sweet strains of song hummed 'n sung
bring me back to us, where we belong

© agoodguy2have 2010-07-29
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
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Comments (10)

very nostalgic agoodguy2have...your poem is subtle but effectivethumbs up
Nice write goodguy! applause The little things can have profound effect, can't they?
trurorobonline today!
nicely profound!
ooh...'love, sire'...thanks D...elating entry...
Charming, ephemeral, beautiful and bewildering as the day is long.
hmmmmmm! indeed, you just notice a lot of 'stuff' doncha?
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Tell you something GG....your mind is a lot more active than mine in the morning......Very nice write though......Thankyou!......Andrew.
Hi, agoodguy2have,
unsure how we got here from dawn...through tears and sweet strains of song hummed 'n sung. Such a tender write.
Dave, You really charm us with some of your verse.Just marvelous.thumbs up handshake bouquet bouquet
All this before coffee. You are foolin'?teddybear
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