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Still Clueless

"This is Cher and this is Inga."
Diver Dan said to me.
Two lovely girls, one short one tall,
A welcome sight to see.

The short one, Cher, was dark and cute.
Inga was blond and tall.
I set my sights on Cher at once,
Knowing that I might fall.

Café Benet in Vieux Carré,
In early morning light,
Our crullers dunked in chickory,
We'd all been up all night.

I talked and talked and tried to win,
The heart of that brunette.
To no avail, I tried and failed,
And nowhere did I get.

I later asked if Dan might know,
Her number or last name.
He told me no, and then he said,
That I'd misplayed the game.

He said that I'd caught Inga's eye,
For me her heart had yearned.
But sadly I'd found out too late,
To Sweden she'd returned.

And so it is with guys like me,
We always miss the train.
I didn't have a clue back then,
And clueless I remain.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
True story

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Comments (7)

trurorobonline today!
missed the vibes then, as we sometimes do!, nice poem
Thanks rob! Yeah, missed by a mile...
It's this way so often for all of us my friend,But what good will it be to get the one you dont want?confused dunnothat what attracts us to so important.Your not just know what you like...Good and fun always..!!!JG..wave coffee writing rose giggle
I sooooo sympathize with you Freeatlast, thanks for sharing...
You are not clueless. Probably too nice to be really savy/streetwise, that's all.
ah come on...that was a long time know more now..laugh
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Thanks JG! I guess my take is that I chose to persue the one that I did because she was shorter than I, when I should have been looking beyond the physical and tried to get to know both of them and let things happen naturally.

Yeah EGT, guess everyone's been there at some time. Thanks for your ever thoughtful comments.

Thanks carol and Ladybee! Yeah it was a long time ago and I have picked up some street creds since then, although even then I had been through a lot of city-dwelling life. But even in the recent past I have missed signals that only later did I learn were directed at me, just a little bit late. Guess the feminine mystique is alive and well and most of us men are not given to understand. All I can say is that when I have been knocked over the head with it, every woman I have ever known has taught me that I don't know much about women... grin
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