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Lights turned down, just a bit,
Flame from taper to candle, now lit,
Soft music playing, slow, loving hugs,
Hot cocoa on table, in two large mugs,
So comfy on sofa, side by side,
Closer now, no feelings to hide.
Snuggling up nicely,
Pulling off shoes, feet up, feeling cosy,
Head resting on chest, heartbeat felt,
Heady perfume smelt,
Soft breaths, gentle sighs,
Flowing colours seen through closed eyes,
As fingers with flowing hair gently played,
A hand on thigh is tenderly laid.
Soft shadows flicker as the candle glows,
Minutes fly, though real time slows,
Two souls lost in another world,
Intertwined, together curled,
Two minds, now one, as artificial twilight fools,
Rising wisps of steam slowly cease,
..........As untouched cocoa cools.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
For all you romantics out

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Comments (20)

sooo coool...or hot! "Minutes fly, though real time slows" great line! for all of us romantics indeed and wish! Thanks man ;-)
What a wonderful and cozy poem,I closed my eyes and was imagining the scenario..thanx dear Andrew, it was great!!!hug..JG.. coffee daisy rose
Well rhymed andrew, and a scene well drawn. The romance came through clear sa day, there in the "artificial twilight." Kudos!
Lovely tender readhug
Great Andrew....bouquet
thanks GG just getting in touch with my soft side, lol,.......Andrew.
untouched cocoa cools eh?
wine i'm liking that idea..
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
trurorobonline today!
yeah let the cocoa form a skin, who cares!
Thankyou JG, very pleased you liked it........Andrew......xxxcool cheers
Ah...sigh..I'd like this senario,in real life..lovely Andrew thankyouhug
Very nice Andrew..thumbs up
Who needs cocoa?
Gentle/warm and lovely..temperature Just right!wine

Ljj..grin angel
Thankyou Free.........cheers Andrew.
applauseI always love a romantic poems,cos iam one teddybear
very hot this one as hot as the cocoa that cools,lollips love bouquet
Cosy & snuggly,would love gentle nights like this to share with the one I love.Lovely & tender Andrew,thanks.thumbs up handshake hug
enjoyed reading the poem. love the line:- (Two minds, now one, as artificial twilight fools)
Very nice.. good read.
I am not romantic but I really enjoyed this, very tender; DH LAWRENCE almost.
Thanks Ama my friend, pleased you liked it.....Andrew...xxxcool
Wonderful poem.Andrew. It is so amazing how man and woman fit into each other.Perfectionteddybear
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