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Being An Empath

On my hands and knees I crawl around,
Feeling the pain that others have shown.

I try to describe what other peope feel like to someone like me,
But this has always been,and will always be my destiny.

To crawl around on broken glass,
Feeling their pain in present and past.

What can I do to make you feel better?
To put a smile on your face, to make you feel greater?

In Honesty and Truth I express myself to you,
But how can I explain that someone like me, knows how to Love you too?

in all that I know say and do,
I only speak what is true,
I want to hold you and say its alright,
Please my darling rest your head on my shoulder and cry.

For I feel everything that you do,

I see you you.

I feel you.

In real life I would touch your aura and read you.

And thus better able to comfort you.

Come to me because, I can honestly say that I love you....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
For everyone.....

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Comments (6)

Pixie, I know just what you mean. It is not that comfortable, far from it, but thanks for taking it on.
Love and light x
Yes you do Carrol.....and its ok to show it too have many admirers..... M'Lady....but few that can understand....or so we tend to think teddybear thumbs up
I can imagine it, but that's all. Must be a lot to carry around. Well explained to us more common sorts, and am sure that many have been helped greatly by your arts. Have you ever read Terry Pratchett's Witches Abroad?
A special gift Tinypixie..hug
As CJ has said.. Love and light.bouquet angel
very cool pixie...hug
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
A blessing and a curse of sorts. All real swords have a double edge, Akushla.
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