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The Path

So many,
So many.....
Countless the number through the ages, who have this worn path trod.
It discriminates not, it holds no distinction between man or woman, or those that have and those that have not.
All start out, end never in sight, with spring in step no matter their condition or age,
All striving in their own way for tomorrow, always tomorrow, that just out of reach thing, the next unseen page.
Across deserts, up hill, always just over the next peak, fording treacherous rivers, wading through slippery streams,searching tirelessly for the means, the way to find themselves, write their own destinies, live their own dreams.
The way has no set route, no beginning, no end. Some fall by the wayside,
Needing to rest, to sleep, some, forever in that spot, having found their home, will reside.
While others, rise to take their place or miraculously re-awaken,
So many......
So many,
Countless the number through the ages, who chose to tread this path…….
The one..... Less taken.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
No prizes for guessing where the inspiration for this one came from.....Hope you enjoyed it all the

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Comments (18)

It's great Andrew...All start out, end never in sight, with spring in step no matter their condition or age, that linebouquet
Symbols abound! Well done andrew! beer
I like the irony in this piece. Very clever.bouquet
Thankyou Ama, Very pleased you like it, you being a seasoned traveler and
Thankyou Free........dancing cool
Enjoyed reading this, so true for many, captured it all andrewteddybear
Thankyou Redex, pleased you enjoyed it.....Andrew.....xxxcheers
Simply amazing poetry Andrew! This one was one I read over and over... Thanks for sharing your amazing talent! teddybear bouquet applause cheering
very nice andrew....'an early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day'
Thankyou QSF.....It is really good to see you back.......Andrew.....xxxhug
Such is life, cool poem Andrew

thanks for sharing

Thanks Hedi, sounds like a very agreeable start to the
Thankyou Rarecard, haven't seen you around for a long time, hope you will post soon.......Andrew.
May the light shine on your path.
par excellence, as one can expect from Andrew, loved its depth and elegance...
just point your feet in the direction you want to go and allow your mind to wander. it will take you to where you need to be.applause
Hi Andrew.

An epitome of poetry. thank you.

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