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Enemy Mine

I have navigated the windswept desert of my soul,
Fought untold battles in the valley of discontent,
Watching too as they turned to dust,
Pastures new, that I thought were heaven sent.

On the barren seas of my mind I warred,
Against the storm I raged,
Cursed the sand, the dying shadows of the sun,
With my face pressed against the bars that have me caged.

I salute you!

What an adversary you are, such a worthy foe,
But know this, I will fight until I win this war,
At every turn, at every battle, I will even the score,
Until you let me live the peace I long to know.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
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Comments (20)

I don't have it but some in my family do and it is indeed a hard battle....bouquet
Very area that many wouldn't understand Andrew..

My Ex-Hub suffered with paranoia Schizophrenia/bi-polar..his mind was his cage..

I like the last positive verse..
"I will fight until I win this war!"
Because it is a constant battle for those who have this illness..and their loved ones.

Thankyou Andrew for sharing..hug

Have known two who fought this battle. One committed suicide, the other I'v lost touch with. Very sad. Well written my friend!thumbs up
thank you... this is a battle call for all that struggle within themselves. excellent write!
Thankyou Ama, yep, this one was hard to put into
You're right Ladyjj, it affects more than just the people that get it.....Thankyou......Andrew......xxxconversing cheers hug
Yes keep on the fight, its a hard battle, but battle it is.teddybear
good write andrew, i don't think i know anyone that suffers,
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Thankyou Free, yes it can be a terrible thing for those that have it.......Andrew.conversing
Thank you Cambuff, take care......Andrew.
Thankyou Redex...wherever you are....Andrew...xxxcool
to many people suffer this battle god bless to them and god bless to you nice write
Hi Andrew,

Great story-telling and great poetry...

Cheers Buddy

Bill cheers
Very introspective. A great write Andrew.
angel peace comfort cheers
Thankyou LB glad you liked it....Andrew...xxxcool
Too true John, many
Thankyou very much bill, pleased you liked
thankyou everyone for reading.....Andrewcool
Bravo Andrew, to explain clearly gives understanding, you help us all with this writing.... I am so happy that you post this again as I miss the first time around... RESPECT!
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