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The Story of Sad

The Story of Sad - Aug 27, 2009
Jim Magee - Poet of the "Common" Man
Dedicated to Lost Love

A man fell in love with a beautiful girl
It was clear that he'd made a mistake
When the first time he needed her
She had no time in her world
How much more proof does it take?

The poor fool fell in love, with the girl, one sad day
"Head over heels" don't you know
It's strange just how quickly, good luck fades away
Summer breezes become winter snow

He gave up his heart, his love, and his money
Lonely can drive a man mad
He doesn't blame her, but it's just not that funny
In fact - it's the "Story of Sad"

The story of sad is a tale about woe
A time to sit back and reflect
For the bad things you've done in your life, now you know
Why you simply can't get no respect
The Story of Sad would bring tears to your eyes
If you had any tears left to cry
But somehow you just keep on trying again
It seems that you'll never know why

He thought she was the reason he'd been brought over here
To help them both mend broken hearts
The sooner he faces the facts he will see
He's just got to make a new start

He gave up his heart, his love and his money
Lonely damn near drove him mad
He doesn't blame her, but it's still not that funny
In-fact - it's the "Story of Sad"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
A whiner wrote this - I'm over it!

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Comments (3)

ah whine
nice one..thumbs up bouquet bouquet
The story of sad love ah but where would we be without these encounters through life, fun while they last me thinkscheers
Ah, a sad story well told... Glad ya got over it! beer
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