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Do not expect…

Why to have hopes, why to expect something?
Is it pleasure we have to wait for deception?
Life teached me not to expect anything but what she might eventually bring, good or bad just let it come.
Why to have hopes, why to expect?
Just forget about it, if it has to come it will, don’t feel the anguish of expectation, let it flow…
I’m waiting for so many things, yet I try to forget about them, their too far away for me to reach…
They’ve been so much closer in the past, yet I did not had the stability I have now… Now that I’m ready, life aint…
So why to expect? If deception seems day after day more likely to come in my way…
Oh I still have wishes, but I must forget them, I can’t live thinking about what I want but I can’t get.
I must get what I can!
But there’s so litle to grab, and most of the times when I try it it just slips between my fingers…
Oh what to expect but nothing, just expect nothing and everything that comes will be a bonus!
Oh why haven’t I been like this everyday of my life? So much disapointments I could have avoided… So much pain that would be left unfelt…
Why to hope, why to expect? There’s no need for that! All that come will look like candy if you don’t!
So don’t hope, don’t expect, JUST LIVE!

João Henrique RIbeiro 04-10-2008 3:22AM

(I really wish I could really do this... But I can't stop dreaming desiring and getting hurt time and time again...)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
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on Aug 2010
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