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barker nights

i swung the door and made my pitch
"buy one drink! see the whole show on the inside!"
it was a friday night
the street was crawling with money
i spotted a group headed my way
there must have been forty or fifty
a tour group wandering down the sidewalk with no guide
i just opened the door and bowed with a flourish
they filed in like sheep
their driver came running toward me
he was pissed off!
these tours were only supposed to go to certain clubs
where they had an "arrangement"
the driver was screaming in my face
i took a twenty out of my pocket
told him to go in and have a drink on me
he actually growled when he grabbed the twenty out of my hand
but he went in
the manager came out
asked me how in the hell i did that
i told him he owed me twenty bucks
he paid me on the spot
next day angelo, the big boss, called me into his "office"
his office was the bar next door
angelo owned a lot of clubs
he was a big "family man"
i went in and said "yes sir?"
he said "ey, i 'ere you been doin a good job out dere"
i said "thank you sir, i really like my job out there
i don't want any other jobs
i just like my job out there"
he looked me in the eye and patted me on the cheek
"you a good boy" he said...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Never take a job you can't quit with both kneecaps...

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Comments (13)

Nice story, thanks Free......Andrew.
Had to laugh, great story, you sound like our dell boylaugh greatteddybear
nice one free..thumbs up
bouquet wine wine
aye, i loved your explanation about the poem. OH and the poem itself was really cool, too! cheers watch out for the "family" types...good advice.
Thanks Redex, andrew and Ladybee, as ever. Positive feedback from talented poets!

Thanks Gashly! Yeah, long ago and far away but, was down there a few years ago and nothing has changed. Different names and faces but the Big Easy is still a "Family friendly" town...
how did i know you were speaking of N'awlins? confused laugh
You make us laugh Free,jolly guy you are,thanks for the laugh and good verse.thumbs up applause banana yay
laugh I agree with Redex..Hints of Del Boy! thanks Freeatlast..brilliant story. thumbs up

Ljj angel
nice one frightened me...
Thanks Gashly! How did you know? Maybe the accent... grin
Thanks paloma! Just try to bring a little cheer...
Thanks Ljj! Who is Del Boy?
Thanks hedi, I'm sure Angelo is long gone, but his nephews live on...
good story barking outside da that'd be a sight! ;-)
I enjoy reading your real life story writes.
There's more than one answer to these questions
Pointing me in a crooked line - Indigo Girls

Lately it occurs to me
What a long strange trip it's been - Grateful Dead

Thanks goodguy and carol!
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