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Black like a shadow,
Over slate grey, white crested waves,
Shaped by winds and currents,
That relentlessly, turn and toss,
Of seven foot span,
Sleeping on the wing,
South now from far north,
Almost home at last,
Rare, Blackfoot Albatross.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Was interested to find out that these birds take cat naps of up to about 100 miles at a time whilst

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Comments (8)

Hi, andrew149,
What truly remarkable birds, these pelagic creatures! Your poem has made me want to take a boat (big) ride to catch a glimpse of one.
hmm....thanks, always love to learn something new...
Lovely peaceful poem, magic bird the Albatross, flys for days without touching down, butterflys do the same, amazing is natureteddybear
Ladybee42online today!
so a bird taking a cat nap?!
very lovely subject thanks for this.
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
nothing so majestic as birds in flight...sleeping ones at that! a nice poem!applause
Thankyou gnj4u, pleased you liked
Thanks Hedi, glad you found something in
A majestic write Andrew..thumbs up
Thankyou for taking us on an Albatross flight. angel
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