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domestic bliss part 2

When mary on the next day
saw the mess she made
she murmured once again you see
as in the bed he laid
his knee was very swollen
and bruised and marked so red
paddy had the luxury
of languishing in bed

She realized her temper
had partly one the day
but busy with the clean up
while still in bed he lay
his food and tea and paper now
upstairs she had to bring
and it really got her goat
to see him with that grin

There sweet pet she echoed back
choking as she spoke
if she had only just one match
she d send him up in smoke
aww love what can i do for you
with gritted teeth she d say
all the while thinking hard
to fix him quick one day

So when she made the bed that day
she aimed to get his knee
and when she did a silent grin
saw him in agony
and though he thought to get up
so she wont catch his knee
she d burnt his ruddy breakfast too
and put pepper in his tea

Now she may seem vindictive
and with a temper true
skilled at throwing crockery
and saucepans all at you
so paddy learned to disco dance
his movements now were sure
prepared himself with skill to duck
any dishes at the door

And when she lost her rag again
he was ready in a flash
he bobbed and weaved so swiftly
that all the dishes past
pots and pans all past him by
but forgot to see
as the saucepan hit the ceiling
and bounced on to his knee
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (4)

rolling on the floor laughing Loved this read or follow onyay cheers
DISCO DANCE...rolling on the floor laughing THIS IS SOO FUNNY!!yay
Excellent, read both parts, very, very funny!......Thankyou Serpico......Andrew.
"...made the bed that day she aimed to get his knee,
and when she did a silent grin saw him in agony"... oh my! Paddy's missus...what malicious thoughts scold laugh
Paddy's Disco dancing & bob/weave... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Soo funny again!rolling on the floor laughing
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