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Oh the children

oh the children... they are the light that is going to lead the way
they are the source of human perfection in every night and day.
Show them that we care, by the choices that we make
and do the right thing so they may see and for all the children’s sake

they didn't ask to come here, so show them some respect
to be the source of guiding light, is what they would expect.
So fill their hearts with wonder and give them what they need
and teach them right from wrong and how to not do greed.

Oh the children... how they are so precious, in every shape and form
and when the day is over, it is them that will reform
the world they’ll call tomorrow, will be theirs to keep today,
in every way that’s possible and in every way they may.

the reason for them being, is to change what’s going on
with their sweet and understanding ways, to help them right the wrong.
so give them all the love and trust, that will see them on their way,
for the job of raising them, lies with us, with each and every day.

oh the children... with their joy and splender, are here to get it right
and to change the whole perception of the last generations plight.
Yes, in the past we’ve made mistakes, so we need to pay attention,
for the birds and trees will disappear without our intervention.

please give them back the key of life, give them more than just survive
cos the world will be a better place, if they‘re just allowed to thrive
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this just cos kids are our future and deserve the very best our respect can give them xxx

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good nite folks and will respond to ur comments if any tomorrow as it has gotten real late here quick tonite laugh wine
very nice marie..thumbs up
bouquet bouquet
thanx LadyBee bouquet lips
very nice that you liked it wine
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