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Casting a calm reflection as I fly over clouds and beyond your sky
Blasting off into outer space to become your friendly eye
Tuning into your windows as just a silhouette of frequencies
Guardian and keeper It is your world that relies upon me
For those who have surrendered I control everything you see
Autonomy is just a memory you can tell me what you seek
I dont know exactly where your going but I can surely guide you there
You can tell me all your secrets and I will transmit to anyone who cares
I orbit from a universal position I can dive into the deepest seas
As I formulate a digital image of your affect on me
Heaven in no closer to me but hell is somewhere down below
As I broadcast out a signal to anyone that wants to know
You may see me in Hi Definition or hear me on a old transistor radio
As I explore mans new horizons by connecting you within my artificial soul
And I will bring your imagination to other galaxies unknown
As I fly you past the milky way light years away from home
-Come visit-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (7)

where would we be without all that data transmission power you provide...thank you Telstar! ;-)
I suppose a little lost and mis guided doing things the old fashion ways our parents and grand parents always talk about.
Enjoyed the read as always, BUT I always wonder what when things collapse, will my money just disapear, will people just be gone, will there just be a void, without pen and paperdunno rolling on the floor laughing
Do like your writting with visualsteddybear
Thank you Redex, I keep my money under my mattress and I just learned how to do the visuals and just been having fun with it.
Staill same poem just kind of re wrote itconfused
Thank you very much mr 2Tone. Cool handle. Cheersbeer
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